Our Kilimanjaro group tours offer fixed dates and specific routes that resonate well with the expectations of a small number of individuals who seek to take advantage of group pricing and shared arrangements on the mountain.

While Ambolight Travellers  can organize customized private treks on any route, for any length, on any dates, for any size group (subject to availability), our Kilimanjaro group tours are designed to provide you with at least a week long adventure on Machame, Lemosho, Rongai and the Northern Circuit.

We’ve “handpicked” these routes specifically to offer you the very best chance of reaching the summit and enjoying the spectacular scenery as you make your way to the roof of Africa!

Mount Kilimanjaro Scheduled Group Tours

For Kilimanjaro Group Tours and pricing, please email us today! Please note that we only offer space for a maximum of 14 people per group per route.

If you wish to join one of our existing groups, you will need to reserve your seat as soon as possible. As one of the most reliable and authorized Mount Kilimanjaro tour operators, all our treks are run by certified professional mountain guides and crew (Wilderness First Responder trained). Moreover, we will always provide your group with all the essentials for safety and health check ups including pulse oximeter, approved first aid kit, emergency oxygen and checklist for altitude sickness.

We work tirelessly to ensure your adventure is always safe and comfortable so you can experience the real magic of one of the world’s highest-freestanding mountains with long lasting memories.

Kilimanjaro Group Tours – Pre-Trek Briefing & Preparations

Normally, prior to our Kilimanjaro group tours, a mountain trekker will land in Tanzania a day or two before the climb and will stay in one of our suggested hotels in Moshi. The day before your climb, you will meet our certified mountain guide for a pre-climb preparation and thorough equipment check up. Furthermore, your gear is examined to check whether it is satisfactory and safe. If anything is missing or not up to standard, it can be hired from us (a rental gear list will be provided to you prior to booking).

During the pre-briefing, your mountain guide will cover all of the essential information about what to expect on the mountain, give tips on safety, climbing pace and answer any pending questions and concerns you may have. Be sure to listen attentively so our expert mountain guides can enhance your journey to the top of the highest free-standing mountain on earth!

Get in Touch to Start Planning Your Kilimanjaro Group Tours

Ready to start planning? Call us at +255688115564 or email us  to speak with our safari expert and start planning your unforgettable journey to Africa.

Mt. Kilimanjaro National Park Packages

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing 9 Days

Mountain Kilimanjaro Climbing 9 Days

8 Days Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro climbing via the Lemosho route scene it has a very perfect