Ruaha National Park

Katavi National Park Ruaha National Park Our private guided Ruaha National Park safaris will take you on a journey to the almost untouched ecosystem filled with some rare and endangered species that you won’t see at other parks. Ruaha National Park is the second largest national park in Tanzania covering an area of about 20,226 [...]

Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve Planning the Best Safari in Tanzania's Selous Game Reserve Want to experience an unparalleled Selous Game Reserve Safari in Tanzania? Spanning 50,000 km2, Selous is Africa’s largest and oldest game reserve and is a breathtakingly beautiful setting for your game viewing expedition. In comparison (wildlife-to-visitor ratio) to the famous Serengeti National Park, there’s a [...]

Mikumi National Park

Ngorongoro crator Mikumi National Park Easily accessible from many hotels in Dar es Salaam, Mikumi National Park is an ideal spot for a safari tour that offers maximum wildlife sightings for anyone who is short on time. Bordering the Selous Game Reserve, the park offers a wide variety of wildlife and its open horizons make sightings easy [...]